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Advanced Technology

Nomad X-Ray Sensor

NOMAD X-Ray is designed by keeping the practice, the dentist, and the patient in mind. This sensor is safe, portable, and also offers great workflow. It provides high-quality images, delivering exact, repeatable exposures. This sensor comes with a lead-impregnated acrylic shield, which prevents the radiation from scattering. 

Digital Bite Recording Device (Techscan)

The digital bite recording device is the latest technology that gives the dentists accurate 2D and 3D representations of bite forces, which adds a higher level of precision to diagnosis and treatment plan. This also makes it easy to communicate with the patient about their dental needs and help restore the perfect bite. It offers increased higher quality care and decreases the treatment time. 

Diode laser for Biopsies and Gum Shaping

The diode laser is a laser-active material that can be successfully used for excisional biopsy of gingival lesions offering excellent post-operative results. It is advantageous and more conventional as compared to other surgical methods. Soft-tissue diode laser, on the other hand, is also used in the shaping of gum. This procedure can be undertaken as part of a routine dental visit offering satisfying results.


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