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New Year's Resolution: Get A Dental Checkup and Cleaning!

Posted by Dr. Bird on Jan 2 2023, 08:48 PM

As we head into a new year, it's important to remember to schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, head, and neck for signs of trouble, such as oral cancer or gum disease. If the dentist finds any issues, they can work with you to create an action plan to treat them. They will also perform professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Professional cleaning is the only way to remove tartar on your teeth without causing damage to your tooth enamel.

Why Bother With a Dental Checkup and Teeth Cleaning?

In a word, prevention. With regular checkups, you can catch major oral health issues before they get worse and require extensive treatment. And because we know you lead busy lives, we make these essential appointments as convenient as possible. You'll never feel rushed at our practice. We respect your time as much as we respect your oral health. In fact, some even say we're the best dentist in West Richland, WA, when it comes to making patients feel comfortable. We're confident you'll enjoy your visit with us, so don't wait to schedule an appointment. 

The fastest way to book your first appointment is to call our dental office in Lansing directly and schedule one online. Our team will make sure you have a great experience and receive high-quality care!

What Happens During a Dental Checkup and Teeth Cleaning?

During a dental checkup, the dentist will examine your teeth, gums, tongue, the inside of your mouth, jaw joints, and more. The dentist will also review your medical history with you. This allows them to make an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you. Most dental checkups take about 30 minutes to an hour. If necessary, your dentist may perform x-rays or recommend an oral cancer screening.

During the procedure, the dentist will clean the teeth and remove plaque and tartar buildup. They may also polish your teeth and apply fluoride to protect and strengthen them. Your dentist may also recommend preventative care products that can help you maintain your oral health between appointments.

How Can My Dentist Help Me Improve My Smile?

There are a variety of procedures your dentist can perform to give you a better-looking smile and boost your confidence, so let's explore a few that might help you meet your New Year's resolution this year.

Brushing your teeth twice a day is the simplest thing you can do to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent tooth decay. However, this may not be enough to prevent decay or treat cavities. Your dentist can apply a sealant to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth to help prevent food particles from getting stuck there and causing decay. This is an easy way to help protect teeth without having to use special toothpaste or rinses.

If you want to permanently whiten your smile, you can ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening treatments that use stronger whitening solutions than those you can buy at the store. Many patients prefer having a dentist perform these treatments because they are fast and effective. You can often leave with your teeth several shades whiter than before your appointment.

One way to achieve a straighter smile is by having clear aligners created for you to wear every day. These trays are made of smooth plastic, so they can be worn without causing irritation to your cheeks and gums. They apply pressure and gently shift your teeth into proper alignment so you can have a straighter smile in less time than with traditional braces.

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